The Hammock Hangout & Karaoke Lounge

Hammock Hangout 2014 Theme Camp Party

The Hammock Hangout Burning Man 4:30 Sector theme camp will be having a meet and greet party at the SoMa StrEat Food Park on Saturday June 7th from 7pm to midnight. There is no cover and the event is open to everyone. All ages welcome.

Come hang out with The Hammock Hangout crew, commonly known as Space Cats. Sing songs. Lots of songs! Eat and drink from the various food trucks, learn how to make hammocks and tie knots. Put on costumes from the costume rack. Test your hammock making and lounging skills. Sing more songs.

There will be Silent Karaoke...which will make its debut on the playa this year! Our neighbors will be sooooo happy! I'll teach you how to run it so you can find us at 5am on the Playa when you really just need to sing a song before sunrise!

I'm bringing out my costume rack...the non-playafied one. There are hundreds of costumes, wigs and other weird items for you to play with.

The Hammock Hangout was first conceived by Karaoke KJ Paul in 1998. That year there was one hammock and no shade, but the design was solid. Now there is a 12,000 square foot passive solar shade structure, ~90 hammocks and Karaoke. It is a magical place.

No cover. Come in your Playa best or street clothes and borrow a costume from the rack.

Location: SoMa StrEat Food Park, 428 11th Street, San Francisco
Time: Saturday, June 7, 7pm to Midnight

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This year the Hammock Hangout is joining forces with the RV{IP}Lounge and the RoarShack to bring you two bars, 12,000 square foot passive solar shade, 12 hammocks and tons of great KARAOKE!.

A yearly theme camp for the citizens of Black Rock City during the Burning Man festival, the Hammock Hangout features a 42 foot eucalyptus tree log for the center pole and 36 twelve foot eucalyptus tree logs in a hexagonal pattern to hang the hammocks. The structure was originally conceived by Paul de Jong for Burningman 1998 to cover 12 hammocks and achieved its current 90 hammock form for Burning Man 2003. For Burning Man 2005, an 8 foot tall bird cage was added to the top of the center pole. This year, the flag marking the camp will be 60 feet above the playa, making it one of the largest and tallest structures on the Playa. We love it when all the hammocks are filled (which tends to happen a lot!). Come join us for some enjoyable fun in the shade.

Bring 3-5 yards of fabric and let us teach you how to make hammocks without sewing! You will also learn how to hang hammocks with easy to undo knots. A little fabric, some rope and something to tie it too, that is all it takes!

For Burning Man 2008 the Hammock Hangout will be located near 4:30 and Genome, Black Rock City, NV

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Burning Man 2014 Hammock Hanging Party

From Monday thru Saturday during the Burning Man event, at the Hammock Hangout in BRC

4:30 and ???

Do you like karaoke, hanging out in a hammock and having fun. Well, stop by the Hammock Hangout, have a drink, sing a song and relax in a hammock!

The hammock Hangout is easy to find. It is near 4:30 and ???. Look for the GIANT 40' high parachute tent with giant disco ball of top.

The Hammock Hangout Under the Stars!
Hammock Hangnout under the stars
Yes that is the Big Dipper above the Hammock Hangout!
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