The Hammock Hangout Karaoke Lounge

Come to the Folly Feast and support the 2014 Hammock Hangout

You do not want to miss this years Folly Feast. Funds from the Folly Feast will go to support the build of the Hammock Hangout, one of the largest theme camp structures on the Playa.

The Folly Feast will be held at the Silver Queen on Saturday, February 1, 2014. The Silver Queen has 28 rooms, a saloon, a parlor and a wedding chapel. Each room will be it's own little event (Folly), so there are 31 parties happening all at the same time, all night long.

The Folly Feast is a Feast and Costume Ball where each of the 28 rooms, the Saloon, the parlor and the Wedding Chapel all have different events happening all at the same time, all night long! The mood is turn-of-the-century and the style is extravagant, polite and sexy. The Folly Feast is a polite and sexy party with tons of entertainment.

The Folly Feast starts in the Saloon of the Silver Queen as a Feast. The entertainment includes Rube Waddell, Mark Growden, Carletta Sue Kay, Sparkbox, Burlesque, The Wink & Yoni show, Freddie Price, Short-Term weddings by Dr. Hal, Karaoke, Musical Sing-Along, as well as 28 interactive rooms hosted by inspired guests such as you. If you have a great idea and want to host a room please email me when buying your tickets.

The event officially starts at 7pm on Saturday, February 1, 2014 and goes all night. We will have the entire hotel Sunday night as well, so it will eventually devolve into a slumber party. Guests are welcome to come on Friday and leave on Monday. There are 300 guests and 28 rooms so bring sleeping bags. We have also reserved rooms in some nearby hotels with a checkout time of 5pm on Sunday, for folks who want their own rooms. The private rooms are extra.

The Folly Feast including the Feast and the slumber party is $150. There are a limited number of $100 tickets available. Please see for details.

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This year the Hammock Hangout is joining forces with the RV{IP}Lounge and the RoarShack to bring you two bars, 12,000 square foot passive solar shade, 12 hammocks and tons of great KARAOKE!.

A yearly theme camp for the citizens of Black Rock City during the Burning Man festival, the Hammock Hangout features a 42 foot eucalyptus tree log for the center pole and 36 twelve foot eucalyptus tree logs in a hexagonal pattern to hang the hammocks. The structure was originally conceived by Paul de Jong for Burningman 1998 to cover 12 hammocks and achieved its current 90 hammock form for Burning Man 2003. For Burning Man 2005, an 8 foot tall bird cage was added to the top of the center pole. This year, the flag marking the camp will be 60 feet above the playa, making it one of the largest and tallest structures on the Playa. We love it when all the hammocks are filled (which tends to happen a lot!). Come join us for some enjoyable fun in the shade.

Bring 3-5 yards of fabric and let us teach you how to make hammocks without sewing! You will also learn how to hang hammocks with easy to undo knots. A little fabric, some rope and something to tie it too, that is all it takes!

For Burning Man 2008 the Hammock Hangout will be located near 4:30 and Genome, Black Rock City, NV

bring a hammock to the BM 2008 party   OR   donate to the Hammock Hangout!






Burning Man 2009 Hammock Hanging Party

From Monday August 31 thru Saturday September 5th, at the Hammock Hangout in BRC

4:30 and Genome

Do you like karaoke, hanging out in a hammock and having fun. Well, stop by the Hammock Hangout, have a drink, sing a song and relax in a hammock!

The hammock Hangout is easy to find. It is near 4:30 and Genome. Look for the GIANT 22' high parachute tent with an 8' tall bird cage of top.

The Hammock Hangout Under the Stars!
Hammock Hangnout under the stars
Yes that is the Big Dipper above the Hammock Hangout!
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